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Fill your life with fragrance®

My Story

My love of Scentsy started when my best friend bought me a warmer for my birthday! 

What a gift!! It was a gift that kept on giving..It was enjoyed not just by me, but my husband and my four children. I soon found that anyone who visited also enjoyed the beautiful scents.  Scentsy has managed to give me the confidence to move out of my comfort zone, a little extra money to help with everyday life bills/shopping etc but most of all it has  given me so much happiness.  While I was stuck at home sick, and having Chemotherapy treatment I was able to turn on my warmer and instantly feel happy and relaxed, as the scents flowed through my house. I could and would leave my warmer on all day, with no worries at all.  I want to share all these feelings and experiences with everyone as it was originally shared with me. I am lucky to have met some wonderful new people and have made beautiful new friendships through this amazing product.  I can't speak more highly of Scentsy, it is a bit of a cliche but there are moments when Scentsy really has changed my life, I have never felt so excited to turn on a warmer and sit and be taken away on the wonderful scents and feel like I'm on holiday at a resort, on a beach or even smell like someones been busy baking its just amazing.

Come and try scentsy you will love it just as much as I do!